Wonder Garden @ Rochelle



THE WONDER GARDEN is an initiative of the CSV and Virginia Primary School, on a bit of ground kindly offered by the A Foundation at Rochelle School. Once a week children come to the After School Gardening Club and plant and harvest.

 You can inspect their work as part of Turn Over the Page…

 But you can also come into Rochelle by the Club Row entrance and join in an afternoon that focuses on FOOD – horrible food (Chef Toby reads Roald Dahl), inventive food (Virginia Primary School’s original recipes – for the brave) and  wonderful food – TV cook and author Manju Malhi will lead you into the delights of Indian cooking and will prepare – before your very eyes – her own invented Baked Beans Balti!

Take a look at her site – www.manjumalhi.com for sumptuous and simple recipes like Bengali fish curry, Tapioca and Potato Patties and dishes she cooked for the Ideal Home Show. And look out for her new book, ‘Easy Indian Cooking’.

Our sessions are at 2.10pm and 4.15pm.

On top of all that, face painting, books, balloons and fun.

From 2 till 6 on March 30th.

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