The Turn Over…Programme

Turn Over the Page…

Sunday March 30th, 2-6pm

Come and join an unusual book trail, and find yourself sampling four different sites in Shoreditch, with writers at each site, children’s activities, a treasure hunt and even – if you are lucky – a tea dance on the grass at the very end!

TURN OVER THE PAGE… is an event in the Get London Reading Challenge


Each site has it own theme, number and colour –

Rhoda St Green (North Brick Lane Residents’ Association) – the 1940s. Site 1 (Yellow ) 

St Hilda’s East, entry: Montclare St – Mini-Beasts (under 5s)  Site 2 (Green) 

Wonder Garden at Rochelle School – Food.  Site 3 (Red)  

Arnold Circus bandstand gardens Exploration. Site 4 (Blue)


Walking between the sites will take you ten minutes at the most. And on the way, keep your eyes open. Fifty books will have been hidden here and there. If you find something you just don’t care for, you can take it to the Book Swap Table and pick yourself out another one.  And collect a serial story, written specially bu Shyama Perera, one instalment on each site, as you walk the route and Turn Over the Page…

2 -2.15     Deborah Moggach reads texts from the 1940s on Rhoda St green (1)

2.10 – 2.40 Roald Dahl and revolting activities for children, with Chef Toby, and TV chef    Manju Malhi on Indian food. Wonder Garden at Rochelle, (3)            

2.15 – 3    Johnny Vercoutre reads Noel Coward and Betjeman; tea dance demo. 1

2.45 – 3   Special launch of  DVD, ‘Memories and Futures: the Continuing Story of Arnold   Circus’ (4) 

2.45 – 3.05   Deborah Moggach interviews playwright and author Bernard Kops 1

3.05  Deborah Moggach interviews author, Linda Wilkinson  1

2.45 – 3.10 Poet Coral Rumble leads under 5s in making, feeling, hearing and tasting poems(2)

3.10 – 3.40 Dan Cruickshank and Michael Palin on the good, bad and unexpected of Exploration (4)

3.25   Deborah Moggach interviews Father William Tayor  1

3.40 – 4    Coral Rumble, poet and author of ‘My Teacher is as Wild as a Bison!’  (2)

4 – 4.30   Michael Palin and Dan Cruickshank  (4)

4.05 -4.30  Writer Martha Leigh, (4.15) Clive Bettington with Dr Jean Moorcroft Wilson  (1)

 4.15 – 4.45 Chef Toby meets TV chef, Manju Malhi and learns about Baked Beans Balti  (3)

4.45   Father William and author, Martha Leigh; 5.05 With Danny Goldstein and Dave Yarshon; with Clive Bettington, Jewish East End Celebration Society and Dr Jean Moorcroft.  (1)

5.45  Tea Dance, 1940s strike a pose and fashion show.  (1) 

Look at the pages for the separate sites for full details

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